This is a 4-week worship series that will highlight major themes of Martin Luther’s theology found in the Book of Romans.  The weekly themes of justification by faith, Law and Gospel, vocation and the Word are perfect for our focus in light of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and Luther’s discovery of God’s free gift of righteousness in Christ.  This worship series will be covered at all weekend services beginning July 15 through August 6.  Join us at the service of your choice – Saturdays at 5pm; Sundays at 7:45am or 10:00am.

July 16The righteous Shall Live by Faith (Justification by Faith)  –  This first service focuses on justification by faith as revealed in Romans 1:16-17.  This service will help you see, as Luther did, that we are justified by faith, not by works.

July 23God Has Done What the Law… Could Not Do (Law and Gospel)  –  This second service focuses on law and gospel as revealed in Romans 3:19-26.  This service will help you see that Jesus did what was required of the Law by dying on the cross for us

July 30Love Your Neighbor as Yourself (Love for Neighbor/Vocation)  –  This third service in the series focuses on love for neighbor and vocation as revealed in Romans 13:8-10.  This service will help you see that we are called by God to love our neighbor as ourselves.

August 6  –  The Encouragement of the Scriptures (The Word)  –  This fourth service in the series focuses on the importance of the Word of God as revealed in Romans 15:4-6.  This service will help us see, as Luther did, that our lives should be grounded in Scripture.