Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church.

Worship Services

Saturday 5:00pm - Traditional Worship/Holy Communion

Sunday 7:45am - Liturgical Worship/Holy Communion
9:00am - Christian Education for all ages
10:00am - Celebration Worship/Holy Communion

Recent Sermons



Mid-Week Advent Worship – 7:15 p.m.

Service 1 - Dec. 3: We Adore Him Who Is the Eternal Word (John 1:1) explores the meaning behind Christ being called the Word and the reality that the Word was present at the beginning and will be with us forever.

Service 2 - Dec. 10: We Adore Him Who Is the Creator of All (John 1:1-3) uncovers John’s masterful description of how Christ was involved in all of creation from the start and how he came to save creation by coming to earth as a tiny baby.

Service 3 - Dec. 17: We Adore Him Who Is the Light in the Darkness (John 1:4-5) reveals John’s message that Christ is the Light who enlightens the darkness of sin and death that had come into the world.

Nov. 30 - “Stir in us, O God...Your Power”
Dec. 7 - “Stir in us, O God...Your Voice”
Dec. 14 - “Stir in us, O God...Your Light”
Dec. 21 - “Stir in us, O God...Your Presence”

The Christmas Eve Service: We Adore Him Who Is One of Us (John 1:11-12) celebrates John’s declaration that Christ took on human flesh and blood to save the human race and make us his own.